Music Throughout the History of Llíria

Los músicos edetanos tocando instrumentos de viento tipo flauta de doble caña o aulós griego desplazándose que aparecen representados en la cerámica ibérica recuperada en el yacimiento arqueológico del Tossal de Sant Miquel y expuesta en el Museu de Prehistòria de València, son la primera muestra de música de la historia de la Comunitat  Valenciana.

Estas representaciones de la Antigüedad y los trovadores y juglares medievales tocando instrumentos de cuerda y percusión representados en el artesonado mudéjar de la iglesia de la Sangre son, sin duda, la base de las actuales sociedades musicales de Llíria.


Llíria’s well-deserved reputation as a music city dates back to the 3rd century BC, as shown by the Iberian ceramic vessels decorated with musicians and dancers found in the town at the Tossal of Sant Miquel.(oldest findings in Spain).
With the passage of time, music became firmly enrooted in the city and, in the 18th century, we find a clear link between music and the Franciscans and the Trinity convents.

However, the 19th century saw a historic milestone, with the creation of the first civil marching band in Spain in 1819, the Banda Primitiva, which is still active today.

During the 1960s, the bands introduced string instruments, becoming symphonic orchestras and the first Valencian music associations were created here. Thus, the municipality adopted the slogan of ‘Llíria, City of Music’ as a public commitment.

In 1993 the municipal Professional Music Conservatory of Llíria was founded. 1997 saw yet another pioneering educational initiative, with the launching of the first Spanish school (CIEM L’Unió) to integrate music and regular primary-school education, using the innovative “Gabou” method to integrate both curriculum.

After 200 years, the Valencian Government recognized Llíria in 2018 for the intense activity carried out in the education and dissemination of music and appointed Líria as the “Valencian City of Music”.

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