Musical Creativity

Llíria has a rich cultural life; traditional festivities and local gastronomy complement the wide heritage but, above all, Llíria is famous for the several thousands of its residents who play musical instruments and its many local bands. 

 For over two centuries, many Llirians have studied and learned to play an instrument, some of them following official studies and other by themselves resulting in a remarkable number of excellent musicians who have been part of street bands and local orchestras, national and international ones. Nowadays, it can be said that 20% of Lliria inhabitants has musical knowledge (as amateurs or professional) and they participate actively in the cultural city life. Moreover, in this city there are many festivals, national and international, very diverse from classic music until jazz or urban musics.



Many cultural initiatives carried out in Llíria combine music and poetry. This is the case of the poetic-musical event ‘THE TWELVE LABOURS OF HERCULES’, which was developed in 2017 to commemorate the centenary of the discovery of a magnificent Roman mosaic in Llíria. This municipal initiative was based on different music styles merged and combined with songs and recited texts from classical literature. It is also the case of the festival of ‘POETRY AND REALITY’, which takes place in the Esglèsia de la Sang, and ‘LLÍRIA EST EDETA’, which, through music, fireworks, poetry and theatre, tells the history of the town.


Gastronomy and music is also a common binomial, as seen in the ‘A MOS REDÓ’ (19th ed.), a fair where local food products are presented and tasted (benefits are donated to charity), accompanied by musical performances.

The main International cooperation initiative involving music and other creative fields is the Festival ‘DESENJAZZ’ (2015, 2017). This event hosts a series of new creative activities such as a music tour, visiting the most relevant heritage monuments, where a reading of related poems takes place. Artists and musicians of different musical styles from around the world (with special emphasis on jazz) are invited to the various concerts. Gastronomy is another of the key elements that the public can experience at the festival to inspire and indulge foodies. Thus, and within the framework of the concept of ‘Gastronomic Mastery’, cooking shows and tastings of typical local dishes, prepared by local chefs, are offered.

‘HISTÒRIES NOCTURNES’ (15th ed.) is another very popular municipal initiative that combines theatre, music and gastronomy within the magnificent framework of the heritage buildings. In 2018, this event was attended by more than 1,500 people.


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