The Orquesta Sinfónica Unió Musical de Llíria closes the year 2019 with a great concert

The performance of Álvaro Albiach, who participated as guest conductor, and the violinist Vicente Huerta, together with 80 other musicians captivated an audience that forced the "no tickets" sign to be hung.

Last Saturday, the Orquesta Sinfónica Unió Musical de Llíria said goodbye to the year with a historic concert in which two famous “unioneros” (members of the society) such as Álvaro Albiach and Vicente Huerta participated. They were not the only protagonists of the evening, because the 80 musicians that were present in the room soon attracted the attention of an audience that filled the theater and forced to hang the “no tickets” sign.

The chosen repertoire belonged to the great masterpieces of classical music while also having great technical difficulty in its interpretation. Furthermore, it was one of the historical concerts of the orchestra, since in few occasions such an ambitious orchestral programme had been made, not to mention the great dimension and quality as the one enjoyed by those present.

The concert ended with a great ovation from the audience, which applauded standing the conductor and the Orchestra for the memorable concert they had offered. These thanked the show of appreciation with the interpretation of the Radetzky march, with which the historic evening came to an end.


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