UNESCO echoes the V ‘El DesenJazz’ Festival organized by Llíria and Bogotá

UNESCO publication: https://en.unesco.org/creative-cities/events/fifth-edition-festival-el-desenjazz-co-organized-lliria-and-and-bogota

On World Music Day (21 June), the city of Llíria, in collaboration with the city of Bogotá, organized the fifth edition of the music Festival ‘El DesenJazz’. Using the means of creativity and innovation, the festival further strengthened intercity cooperation as well as used it as a platform to showcase gratitude to the dedicated work of medical staff fighting the pandemic around the world.

The Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra in collaboration with the concert hall of the Banda Primitiva hosted the breath-taking performance of the group ‘The Sir Aligator’s Company’. The musicians interpreted an adaptation of ‘El Canto de los Abrazos’, a piece created by the famous Colombian maestro and composer Francisco Zumaqué.

Through this online concert, Llíria and Bogotá, two UNESCO Creative Cities of Music, wished to symbolize this virtual embrace between the Spanish and the Colombian people amidst the global health crisis, and dedicated the festival to all health professionals that have been on the front line facing the pandemic.

The concert was greatly followed via streaming in both cities and is available on the:


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