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The City of Llíria

It is the Spanish municipality with the highest percentage of people with musical training and of music fans belonging to musical societies.

Musical Creativity

For at least two centuries, many Llirians have studied music and have learned to play instruments, either through regulated studies or a self-taught manner.


A wide range of possibilities to enjoy music

Achievements in Music in Llíria

Candidature for "Creative City of Music"

  • Carmen Sampedro
    Let the whole world know the love for music that there is in my town: Llíria
  • Lourdes Morales de la Fuente
    Liria is an example of how to experience music as a community. Best of luck.
  • Joaquín Carrascosa
    All my support for this wonderful initiative
  • Mari Carmen González Lozano
    Because Llíria is the City of Music!!!!
  • Mari Llavata Carsi
    Long live en CLARIN
  • Miquel Castillo Faus
    Llíria, can and should be recognized as a great producer of musicians. Music is life and culture in Llíria.
  • Juan Manuel GÓMEZ from EDETA
    It is my pleasure to sign this petition.
  • Francisca San Lorenzo Fernández
    It's my pleasure to sign. It's the city of music.
  • Trinidad Tatay Gil
    I belong to the city of music. It is my great pleasure to sign this petition.
  • Pilar Sánchez Toledo
    I'm signing because Lídia is music, it's culture and I take pleasure in signing.
  • Vicenta Peruga
    I think it deserves it.
  • Mario Arastey Jorge
    Because a town like Llíria deserves this distinction
  • Antonio Fornals Motos
    Llíria and music are synonymous for all of us! Llíria history and music!
  • Silvia Lara
    I want it to be recognized for the music and its bands
  • Marcel.lí Garcia
    Musical streets. A viola is playing here, a clarinet over there. The old man is playing the bandurria. The piano is playing on its own. You can breathe in a creative atmosphere all around you. A child is singing Christmas carols. Large theatres full of people.
  • Mila Castellano Marti
    Llíria is music.
  • Leticia cortina pascual
    Because it's a city of musicians and of music
  • Diego Tomas Mestre Morales
    Music is the universal language of emotions. Long live Llíria, long live Valencia, cradles of music...
  • Arturo Bandrés Martínez
    Because it is undoubtedly the community with the most musicians per inhabitants
  • Rosa Bodi Coll
    Because it deserves it ... And Llíria is music
  • Jorge Cuevas prtez
    I support it
  • Salvador Tadeo Raga Pascual
    Llíria is Llíria. People like Joanvi Candel and his idea about the Llirian wonders worked on these ideas. Never forget his hard work.
  • Carmen Rifaterra Ferrer
    I totally agree.
  • Jose Martinez Peña
    It is a historical truth.
  • Maria Jose Pérez Lapiedra
    ``Because it would be a recognition of the women and men, musicians and otherwise, that have made it possible for Llíria to become the City of Musica. They deserve it.
  • Miguel Cintero Sánchez
    Llíria is a town linked to the world of music with an excellent past, an extraordinary present and an incredibly wonderful future.
  • Francisca Tudela Goig
    For Llíria, it deserves it and should be more important than it is
    Because there is no other town in the world with a greater band music culture than Llíria
  • Belén García Casa
    It deserves it
  • Belén García Casa
    It deserves it
  • Julia Macias Ruiz
    Llíria really deserves this nomination for its hard work, for its track record, for its tradition, for its music schoolx, etc.
  • Consuelo Boquera Orellano
    I'm from Llíria and music is the best medicine for children, adults and the elderly. It is part of our identity, we love our music and our musicians. This is apparent in the number of musicians trained in Llíria who are playing abroad as leading figures and of course our geography. Thanks to the invaluable effort and the love for music of those who preceded us.
  • Miguel Arastey
    Llíria is synonymous with Music and it's about time that it's recognized
  • José Vicente Herrero Almerich
    I think the town of Llíria and its cultural and historical heritage is well known, so I support this petition with my signature
  • José Miguel Sabater Cerdán
    My reason is that the musicians of Llíria don't need to prove anything because they are well-deserving and the future generations of Llíria won't need to prove anything anymore
  • Rafael Lis Castellano
    Llíria, for its musical achievements, it deserves to be recognized by the UNESCO in this modality, for this reason I'm signing this manifesto
    It interests me
  • Inma Tormo
    I love music and Llíria's marching band is very good.
  • Inma Tormo
    I love music and Llíria's marching band is one of the best.
  • Juan Manuel GÓMEZ de EDETA
    I am grateful to have been born in this town for its teaching of the Universal language, thanks to this, I was able to travel throughout towns, cities and continents. Long Live Music
  • Gabriel Sánchez
    Because music is the most universal language...
  • Ciro Alcocer
    Llíria edetana aborigisme
    Llíria has a great tradition and it deserves that recognition
  • Amparo Aparici Llopis
    May Llíria City of Music be the musical capital
  • Lluís Villanueva Bartrina
    Passionate about Music.
  • Concepción Puche Soriano
    Everything for music.
  • Carmen Blasco
    I agree with the initiative
    Tradition and trajectory
  • Joaquín Duval
    Wherever you may be, foremost is Music.
  • Consuelo Boquera Orellano
    I'm from LIRIA and it's a town with an extensive musical tradition. The effort of many generations of musicians back it up.
  • Luis Peiro
    It's deserved it for years
  • Bernat Roig
    Showcasing the value of the Valencian musical heritage

Music Education

Music as a mother tongue

In addition to educational facilities, Llíria hosts numerous institutions and groups that are dedicated to music performance. Among them, two centuries-old musical societies stand out: “La Primitiva” Music and Education Athenaeum and “Unió Musical”,, both of which are non-profit associations with more than 300 musicians each, including choirs, orchestras, youth bands, symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles, children’s theatre and choir. In addition, as we have seen, they both feature Music Schools

La Banda Primitiva of Llíria was founded in 1819 by the Franciscan Father Fray Antonio Albarracín Enguídanos. It is the oldest civilian marching band in Spain.

The Unió Musical was founded in 1903, although its historical connection with the “Música Nova” marching band, whose origins date back to the 19th century, is historical. This society has been a pioneer in education, since it is the first musical society in Spain that created an Elementary Level Comprehensive Music Centre in 1997.

In addition, we must highlight the presence of the “Vicente Giménez” Edetania Musical Group, the UDP Marching Band (which is the first retiree band in Spain), “El Micalet” Plectrum Orchestra and “Perkuvalencia“. There are also many informal music groups and choirs.

The role of these associations is to sustain the marching bands, orchestras and choirs, and support the music schools. Above and beyond the positive cultural and educational impact on their members, these organizations have a significant socio-economic impact on the town.

The high degree of involvement in associations driven by the musical societies (13% of the population) has fostered citizen participation and social cohesion. In addition, these associations have significantly contributed to intergenerational communication and have promoted a sense of belonging and identity among the citizenry of Llíria.

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